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  • Louis Saha

  • Frédéric Adjiwanou

    Producer and President
  • Arnaud Bettan

    Founder, Marketing - Communication
    Afficher Arnaud Bettan

    As you can see my sport is golf. I discovered it at Evry’s University. I have played soccer for 12 years as well. The creation of OMDF is a great opportunity to gather sport celebrities around a unique and innovative concept. Thus I’m glad to take care of OMDF’s marketing, communication and management. It offers me the opportunity to work hand in hand with sportsmen in the production in order to develop new ideas to promote films and charities.

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  • Luc Annest

    Founder, scriptwriter and executive director
    Afficher Luc Annest

    After a first short film with Gérard Darmon and Clovis Cornillac he started to write scenario for feature films. He used to work in advertising in Europe and the United States. He wrote three scenarios N.O.L.A. Circus being the first to be brought to the screen.

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  • Jerome Serot

    US partnership
    Afficher Jerome Serot

    Jerome develop and lead the US office of One Million Dollar Film and the main project Nola Circus. Jerome has a great knowledge of the sports and Entertainment and he build a strong business network in USA.

  • Youssef Sy

    Afficher Youssef Sy

    As a sport fan I develop the graphic aspect of OMDF: Creating website and logo on all media variations. After years working in a large advertising agency, I created my own brand "Take it Ysy" to develop my style. My favourite sports are soccer and basketball but I never miss a major event, whatever the sport. I live in Japan where I plan to launch a brand of textile.

  • Bastou Paraiso

    Charities project manager
    Afficher Bastou Paraiso

    Bastou is a banker in Geneva. He is particularly passionate about sport and football. He is a fervent supporter of Arsenal. He has volunteered in a foundation that works in the field of education in Africa.

  • Yannick Gavelle

    Afficher Yannick Gavelle

  • Renaud Thirion

    Web ingeneer
    Afficher Renaud Thirion

    The sport, is my passion. the web, is my job. The cinema, is my hobby. When Arnaud talk to me to invest my time for creat a web site for this project, I sign up instantly.