• Nicolas Batum

    basketball player & Producer

    Nicolas join the Nola Circus Project in 2012. This movie is his first touch in the movie industry. He likes the project for the script of the movie and he likes to do this movie with other athletes. Nicolas supports his fondation Batumama with the 5% of the film revenues.


  • Boris Diaw

    Basketball player & Producer
  • Luc Abalo

    Hand Ball Player & Producer

    Champion of Hand-ball with 2 time winner of European Championship & world championship, 2 time Olympic Gold Medal. Luc join the NOLA Circus project to develop a new way to produce independent movie with his friends from NBA & Soccer. He's already in the artistic world because he's a famous painter


  • Louis Saha



  • Ian Mahinmi

    Basket player & Producer

    Ian Mahinmi – born November 5, 1986 in Rouen – is a French basketball player. He is one of Dallas Mavericks’ (NBA) inside players. Ian played his first game of the 2009/2010 season with the Spurs on January 10, 2010 against the New Jersey Nets. He realized a solid performance with 15 points and 9 rebounds in 21 minutes and even appeared in first place of the top 10 best actions of the day. He signed with the Dallas Mavericks in 2010. Ian is behind the project NOLA Circus.


  • Alexis Ajinca

    Basketball player & Producer

    He is a French basketball player. he was born May 6, 1988 in Saint-Etienne. He is 2.13 m (7,1 feet) tall. He is a center for the NBA Toronto Raptors. He has been immediately seduced by Luc's film. He is sure that this comedy shot in New Orleans will be a success. In addition He is excited to meet with his basketball friends in this production as well as to get together with producers coming from a large variety of sports.


  • Ronny Turiaf

    Basketball player & Producer

    NBA Champion in 2012 with Miami, Ronny begin a producer of Nola Circus in 2012 to share this project with other sportmen. He has a fondation named "HEart to Heart".


  • Michaël Ciani

    Football Player & Producer

    Michael was immediately attracted by the project. He is music producer with his label "Feel Urban". He become the ambassador of this projet in France and give his time to support the charities projects of d'OMDF


  • Maxime Mermoz

    Rugby player & Producer


  • Bacary Sagna

    Football Player & Producer

    Bacary Sagna is a French international soccer player of Senegalese origin. He was born on February 14, 1983 in Sens. He plays as right-back in Arsenal. He is the founder Kemi Malika Foundation in Senegal.


  • Nando De Colo

    Basketball & Producer

    Nando is a basketball player ho like to be creative in the game. And his personal life, Nando be creative in a funny video for Christmas. When Nando met Luc the Director and When he played in the Boris Diaw video, he decided to join the team.


  • Johan Djourou

    Football player & Producer

    From his first breath at the Marcory maternity in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), on January 18, 1987 at 14:15, Johan Djourou – whose real name is Johannes – developed a passion for football. Johan, who is very interested in cinema, is one of the first athletes to join the project NOLA Circus. He is the founder of Kémi Malika Foundation in Senegal.