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The co-producer of Nola Circus on the top...

Ian Mahimi became the second french NBA champion.

After joining the production of Nola Circus within OMDF in March, Ian has always bring the project and became an ambassador to its partners in the NBA.

We are very happy for him to become NBA champion at just 24 years.

"It's amazing, it's unbelievable. I am one of the best matches of my life in the NBA finals, it's magic. We are champion. I made a big match. In front of my family. What do you want more? These are unforgettable moments. I have always seen the others, like Tony (Parker), open the champagne on TV but in real life it is something crazy ... I have no words, "said Ian Mhinmi in the locker room (AFP Sunday)

All the team of OMDF congratulated Ian.