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N.O.L.A. Circus

Comedy write by Luc Annest, 90 min, english language, shoot in New Oleans in 2014

N.O.L.A CIRCUS chronicles the lives  of the inhabitants of a black neihborhood in a town on the Mississipi River, the lives that intercross around two barber shops facing each other on the main street. On one side there is Will, a black hairdresser who preaches against racial prejudices while having a secret affair with Nola, a young white woman who is dreaming of Broadway.

On the other, there is Marvin, well known sex addict who’s having a passionate affair with Karen, a small time pot dealer.

The tensions sharpen on the day when Denzel, Nola’s super protective brother starts sinking into the compulsive jealousy, the day when three Ku Klux Klan members show up at Will’s place to kidnap him. 


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