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For Nola Circus 2013

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  • Nola Circus at the theater

    Next April, you can watch Nola Circus on the US screens

     The April 25th, 2017, XL Rator will release Nola Circus at theater and VOD in USA, Canada and Caraibes.

  • write the Nando de Colo's short movie

    Nando will be the main role of the next NOLA Circus producer's short movie

    It's simple, we are waiting for your great ideas and you can win the official jersey signed by Nando.


    1) you write the scrip in few sentences

    2) you must place the short-movie in the unique location and it must be doable to shoot in 8 hours

    3) you must be inspire by NOLA Circus spirit. (watch the others short movies on the website)

    4) send your script before 31st january at this mail:


    NOLA Circus is your project too.


    NOLA Circus's team