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A Charity Partnership with a Dual Role

OMDF’s co-producers will support charities thanks to NOLA Circus, their first feature film: 7 days for a film and Malaïka. They will assure the financing and the media coverage of these associations. Other charities will follow.

The civic enterprise designed by OMDF is based on the charity dimension of the project and thus on two essential mechanisms:

Every sportsman joining our first project known as NOLA Circus – if they do not already support a charity of their own – will patron either 7 days for a film in an African country or Malaïka. This aims at developing as many films as possible in various African countries.

They will give media coverage of these associations and their working team on the ground. They will promote these associations so as to boost the support given to these associations. Finally, they will take part in the development of these charities by financing them with a part of the production profits.


The first charities are:

7 days for a film was created by Pascal Judelewicz et André Ceuterick. Its goal is to discover African movie-makers, offer them training in movie-making and supporting their work in Festivals.

For each country, the association launches a call for proposal a year before the festival. The jury chooses 12 scenarios and on the opening day, the winner is announced.

During the seven days of the festival, the winner – with the help of the eleven others – makes the movie which is showed at the festival closing ceremony.

Then, this film is offered for sale and its benefits are used to finance the following projects thus it provides a cinematographic independency to these countries.

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The Kemi Malaika Foundation is supported by Johan Djourou et Bacary Sagna.

It aims at supporting sustainable projects helping childhood in Senegal.

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"BABAC’ARDS" created in 2005 by Boris Diaw-Riffiod and his friends, Among which her mother who is henceforth the president of honor there.

ITS OBJECT: set up projects of development for the young people, mainly in Senegal

Why BABAC’ARDS ? In fact, it is about a play on words with the second first name of Boris, Babacar (nickname: Babac) and a significant initials: association for Realizations in the Development and the international Solidarity.

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The Ronny Turiaf Heart to Heart Foundation was established in August 2009 to provide medical care for children who do not have health insurance and can not afford the care that they so desperately need. The goal of the Heart to Heart Foundation is to raise money to provide health services including EKG’s, heart surgeries and defibrillators to children and schools in need. Ronny Turiaf understands what it is like to need medical care for your heart and not have money. When his own situation was discovered Ronny was just out of college and could not pay for the surgery. He was however fortunate enough that some people came to his aid, and now he is in a position where he can do the same thing for children and adults who need heart care and can not afford it.

The Ronny Turiaf Foundation’s mission is “to provide support, including echo cardiograms to people with heart related issues so they can live a healthy and happy life.”

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The first village of MAMA has found its place in the small village of Ngaparou. Ngaparou is situated on the west coast of Senegal, approximately 80 km from Dakar.

It is in this village where young and/or pregnant mothers will find a way to forge a new life with the help of the MAMA Foundation.

The foundation will provide health care and vaccinations for mothers and children as well as dietary and hygiene training.

The foundation will also provide job training so that these young mothers will learn to become self-sufficient.

The young and/or pregnant mothers who will seek the aide of the MAMA foundation are from diverse, but dire situations. The primary goal of the foundation will be to come to the aid of these women who are in fear of facing their families or those whose families have abandoned them. There are all types of desperate situations from abused young women to victims of rape or women with a child conceived outside of a marriage. In many of these cases, many of these mothers will abandon or even, in extreme cases, kill the child. The reason for this is that it would be inconceivable for the family to raise a child born of these circumstances along with it being just another mouth to feed. The young women in this kind of situation would find it extremely difficult to find a husband, necessary in this world. They would find themselves isolated, without resources to survive.

The MAMA foundation will help these women. The foundation will give them a choice: to keep their baby or to give it up for adoption. In any case, these women and babies will receive the care and education necessary to make the right decision.

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